Earn Extra Cash By Taking Part In Surveys

I have just heard about another way of making a little bit of extra money. This is by taking part in different surveys for a range of companies who are looking to find out more about their customers or potential customers. You may think just like I did that this would hardly be worth your time or effort, however you may be surprised when you realise you much these companies are willing to pay.

A few days ago a friend of my step-daughters came round to our house to play. They are both twelve years of age and have known each other since primary school. This friend also stopped at our house for her evening meal and while at the dining table, eating her food, she started up quite an interesting conversation. She asked my step-daughter if she would be interested in joining her to take part in a survey which would be about the subject of childrens banking.

I started to ask this girl, who is called Emma, what would be involved. Emma replied that a lady would be going round to her house on Saturday morning and would be asking her a series of questions about banking, for example who she banks with and how much money she attempts to save as a twelve year old. She continued that the meeting would last around an hour and a half for which she would be paid Ј20. If she then also kept a form of diary for a week, she would then receive another Ј10.

My step-daughter suddenly became very interested and asked me whether she would be able to go aswell, I told her that she could.

Emma then told our family that she regularly took part in these surveys and had been introduced to the idea by a friend of her mothers. She stated that on average she made around Ј100 a month from taking part and completing these surveys, not bad for a twelve year old. I joked by asking her whether I could also go around on the Saturday. Emma replied that this survey was only aimed at schoolchildren but that her parents also regularly took part in other surveys and that she would let me know when the next one was going to take place.

The Saturday arrived and I took my step-daughter to Emma’s house. I started talking to her parents while I waited for the meeting to finish. Her parents then told me about their own experiences of completing different surveys and stated that even though it is not a massive amount of money that it is a lot for what you have to do. They also said that it helped them to pay a number of bills each month.

My step-daughter really enjoyed the meeting and came out kissing her Ј20. It beats washing your car, she said to me with a huge grin on her face.